Online Writing Groups

Peer-coached faculty writing groups at are interdisciplinary groups of faculty writers who provide mutual accountability and encouragement to each other online.

“Being part of an online group helped TREMENDOUSLY to get my summer off to a good start, and it provided me with a sense of belonging.”

Assistant Professor, UMass Amherst

As a member of a peer-coached group, you will log in to your group’s site daily and use your personal writing log to keep track of your writing minutes, set concrete writing goals for your next day’s writing session, and answer a set of (optional) questions designed to help you reflect on and develop productive scholarly writing habits. You and your group members can read and comment on each other’s logs, sharing writing strategies and cheering each other on.

If you join as an individual, you will be enrolled in an interdisciplinary group of eight to twelve faculty writers. You and a group of colleagues can also choose to join and form your own group (minimum six faculty writers).

Participating in a Five College Faculty Writing Group costs $60/semester and $20/summer month. If you are interested in participating, please send a message to Cathy Luna at

“The program got me back into the habit of writing every day and reminded me of how productive that approach is, even in small chunks.”

Associate Professor, Mount Holyoke College